And so it begins

You might say I’m a goal-oriented person: go to college. Get a job. Get married. Start a family. Get an advanced degree. Change careers. Find my dream job. Get promoted. I’ve had fun with all of that. I love to learn and challenge myself. I’d like to think that I’m on a path to becoming better, personally and professionally, every day.

This year, however, I found myself in a funk. I couldn’t really figure out what to do next. I was happy enough with my job but still felt unfulfilled. My family was doing great, I was having fun with my friends, and I definitely didn’t feel the need to get more “stuff”.

Sometime in late August, I realized that it was the first time I didn’t really have a BIG GOAL to shoot for. About the same time, I had a terrible day at work. I started asking myself, “This is what I have to look forward to for the next 14 years of my life? Really?? This is all there is?”

The thing is, I’ve never been one to settle. I can be unhappy and unfulfilled until it’s time to cash in my retirement, OR I can decide to do something different. I choose to do something different.

As is typical for me, I started researching possibilities. How can I stop trading my time for money as soon as possible? The more I read, the more excited I got. I had never heard of the “FIRE” movement, but one site led to another and another, and I was hooked. THIS was something I could sink my teeth into. I found my next BIG GOAL.

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