March Update

I gave up trying to get Personal Capital to sync up my real estate, so I created my own spreadsheet for tracking. This includes all assets and liabilities to date. Normally, I wouldn’t count my primary residence as an asset, but in this case, it is a very important part of my FIRE plan. I am banking on paying it off prior to September 2023, (my planned FIRE goal) and using the proceeds to move to a lower COLA and purchasing something smaller in cash. Net worth: $1,015,996.

One more clarification: I have credit card debt (listed in the liabilities section), but that is always paid off in full each month, thus no credit card interest. Also, I have recently begun using You Need a Budget to track my spending. It took some getting used to, but I’m actually really loving how it allows me to understand exactly where my money goes. It’s very different than any other budget apps I’ve used in the past. I will write a new post about it soon.

Net worth March 22

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